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Hard Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser
HRDSRFCCLNRNDSNHard Surface Cleaner and SanitiserThis product is an effective bacterial multi-purpose floor cleaner.£6.99
Premkem Citrus Degreaser
CTRSDGRSRPremkem Citrus DegreaserThis is a specially blended cleaner containing natural citrus oil extract.£6.95
Premkem Concentrated Lilac Toilet Cleaner Liquid
CDLCTTCRLDPremkem Concentrated Lilac Toilet Cleaner LiquidThis is a thickened toilet cleaner to prolong contact time of product to surface.£2.49
Premkem Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate
HRDSRFCCLNRCNPremkem Hard Surface Cleaner ConcentrateThis product is an extremely versatile cleaner since it can be used to clean almost all hard surfaces, walls, floors, paint-work, etc.£5.99
Premkem Kitchen Cleaner
KTCHNCLNRPremkem Kitchen CleanerThis product is an effective bacterial multi-purpose cleaner.£2.39
Premkem Power Bleach
PWRBLCHPremkem Power BleachThis product is a powerful bleach disinfectant based upon sodium hypochlorite, which is widely recognised as a most effective product for heavy duty sanitising applications.£3.69
Premkem Wash Up Liquid
WSHPLQDPremkem Wash Up LiquidThis product is for use in cleaning crockery, glasses, cutlery, cooking utensils, floors, etc.£5.49