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Premkem 6 in One Maintenance Spray
PREM6IN1Premkem 6 in One Maintenance SprayA high specification, multi-purpose spray.£3.49
Premkem Anti Spatter
ANTISPATTERPremkem Anti SpatterAnti Spatter is specially developed release agent for all types of welding operations.£2.49
Premkem Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner
ANTSTTCFMNGCLNRPremkem Anti-Static Foaming CleanerDeveloped as a foaming cleaner for all interior surfaces.£3.49
BRKNDCLNRPremkem Brake and Clutch CleanerA high performance blend of solvents for the quick and effective removal of lining dust, brake fluid, oil, grease and dirt from brake and clutch systems.£3.49
Premkem Bright Galv Spray
BRGTGALVSPRYPremkem Bright Galv SprayFor cosmetic finishing and protection of galvanised welding repairs.£3.99
Premkem Chain and Cable Lubricant
CHNCBLLUBEPremkem Chain and Cable LubricantA long lasting highly effective spray grease which reduces wear and increases chain life, preventing the build-up of dirt and rust.£3.49
Premkem Copper Grease
CPPRGRSPremkem Copper GreaseMulti-purpose assembly compound providing protection form seizure/corrosion.£3.49
PRMCLCTINGNDTPNGPremkem Premcool (Cutting and Tapping)A top quality, high performing extreme pressure lubricant.£3.49
PRMFMPremkem PremfoamThis is a deep penetrating bacterial foam cleaner used to clean small areas of grease and dirt spots or stains from hard surfaces.£3.49
Premkem Silicone Spray
SLCNSPRPremkem Silicone SprayWidely used as a release agent for moulds.£2.99
Premkem Surface Degreaser
SRFCDGRSRPremkem Surface DegreaserSuitable for heavy duty degreasing problems.£3.29
Premkem Universal Maintenance Spray
UNVRSLMNTNNCESPRPremkem Universal Maintenance SprayHigh specification, multi-purpose spray.£2.49
Premkem White Grease With PTFE
WHTGRSWTHPTFEPremkem White Grease With PTFERepels water, resists heat and salt, protects against corrosion and provides long lasting lubrication.£3.49
Snow and Ice Tyre Grippa
TYREGRIPPASnow and Ice Tyre GrippaIce and Snow Tyre Grippa - Spray straight on to ice and snow for extra grip.£3.95